NordVPN: Everything you need to protect your privacy online.

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You can’t be safe without VPN. It’s a fact.

Keep your online activity secure and private with NordVPN.

NordVPN never logs what you do and where you go on the Internet. So if anyone asks, the best we can do is shrug our shoulders. And we like it that way.

Online freedom

Access to the Internet without censorship and surveillance should not be a privilege but a right of every Internet user. With NordVPN, you can securely access any website from anywhere around the world, safely share files via P2P network and enjoy the fastest VPN experience without compromising your online security and privacy.

  • No logs policy
  • P2P allowed
  • Onion Over VPN
  • Blazing speeds
  • Easy to use
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • Global network
  • Cancel anytime
  • Friendly support
  • Kill Switch
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Double encryption

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